50 Best Free Blogger Templates Around

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Here are few templates that I rounded up for blogger blogs which I found very simple, elegant and with more features than one could expect. Go through the links, the author's website, have fun. Although the thumbnails are not in high definition, they're still gonna load slow, so please have patience. Read more

10 Premium Blogger Templates

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Premium Template is always the best choice for every blogger who wants an elegant and and better designed blog.

In this post, I've gathered 10 Premium Blogger Templates that you can use on your blog for more professional and elegant look. Read more

10 Free HTML5 WordPress Themes

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HTML5 is the latest and the most popular edition of HTML. Even though, HTML5 is in a developing stage, many websites and blogs are moving to HTML5 & CSS3 framework. If you too want to move to HTML5, then these themes will surely come in handy. Read more

10 Great HTML5 Powered Games

HTML5 is considered as the next Big thing while more and more web enthusiasts talk about it. Cool features of HTML5 like canvas, audio elements make the web gaming possible without flash and you don't even need a plugin to play the games. Read more